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Air Rail made its debut in the Spanish airport and railroad sectors in 1992, with the goal of offering the products of the world’s leading manufacturers on the market, complemented by expert technical and customer support to satisfy the needs of its clientele.

Ever since we have been pioneers in the introduction of new high tech equipment and we have developed a complete range of services, thus making it possible to improve the efficiency and profitability of the operations for our clientele.

  • 1992: We incorporated Zephir as an Air Rail collaboration partner. Zephir is a leading manufacturer of railroad locomotives in Europe. They are based in Italy.
  • 1996: We started the original spare and replacement parts division for the equipment that we sell and rent as an essential complement to our import business.
  • 1998: We developed the port business area in order to broaden our import activity, all the while continuing to build a more substantial sales volume.
  • Along with that we incorporated TLD in our portfolio of suppliers. TLD is the world’s largest and most respected manufacturer of airport equipment.
  • 2000: We concluded an exclusive cooperation agreement with Hitzinger in Spain. Hitzinger is the world’s leading manufacturer of individual power supply systems.
  • 2004: We expanded our range of customer services by creating the Technical Support Division, which consists of our own technical support service and a network of associated agents. Thus we are able to offer solutions that fit the specific needs of our customers.
  • 2005: We created the machinery rental business, making us the first Spanish company to offer machinery sales and rentals for all transport and logistics sectors: airport, railroad, or port.
  • 2006: : We formed a partnership with Mantsinen in Spain, the world’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic cranes for loading and unloading cargo, with the aim of generating added value in cargo handling operations.
  • 2007: Creation of a joint venture with Maquivías in order to combine experience and guaranteed quality in the manufacture of railroad machinery.
  • Along with that we formed the corporation Airport Assistance, in which we are partners of Ferroser (Ferrovial Group), with the aim of offering a wide range of airport services: maintenance of ground support equipment, cleaning airplanes, services for people with limited mobility…
  • 2008: BBM, an Italian company specializing in the design and construction of equipment for manufacturing and maintaining rolling stock, became a partner of Air Rail in Spain.
  • 2010: Auto Sueco Coimbra (ASC) Group, the world’s largest distributor of Volvo construction equipment, becomes part of Air Rail.
  • Along with that and in keeping with our goal of developing new business areas, we entered into various joint ventures with Ferrovial, Swissport, and Airport Assistance in order to provide services for people with reduced mobility in Spanish airports
  • 2011 We initiated a process of international development of the ASC workforce. As a result we now have direct operations in Portugal, Turkey, Poland, Angola, and Mozambique.
  • We became partners of Konecranes, the world’s leading producer of lifting equipment for the manufacturing and processing industries, shipyards and ports. They are also the world’s largest supplier of industrial cranes