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Our partners

Air Rail is the partner of choice for more than 20 leading manufacturers in each of its sectors. Since our creation, we have supplied over 200 customers in these sectors with more than 1,600 machines.

We work with leading manufacturers who provide us with a complete and comprehensive product portfolio that enables us to respond to all needs of airport operators. We have a complete range of aircraft ground support equipment, including airplane towing, loading and unloading, passenger service, luggage hauling, and aircraft servicing equipment. We also supply equipment for maintaining airplane hydraulics as well as a wide range of military equipment.  


We have as partners the leading edge and most reliable manufacturers of equipment for handling large loads and containers, and also specialty products. Hence we offer equipment for loading and unloading ships, including mobile port cranes. We also supply logistic equipment for handler loading up to 2.000 tons in the industrial sector as well as lift trucks for containers and sidelifters. In addition we have a wide range of hydraulic platforms for shipyards and industry in general.


Air Rail represents the leading manufacturers in the railroad sector, of both auxiliary equipment for track maintenance and workshop equipment. We have railroad traction equipment, including locomotives and Unimogs. We also carry infrastructure equipment such as two-way backhoes, track maintenance gantry cranes, track grinders and tampers. And in our line of workshop equipment, we have electrical machinery for the railroad sector as well as dynamic testing benches, wheel presses, hydraulic jacks, and train washing systems or bogies.