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Environmental commitment

Air Rail is a company that is very committed to the environment. In developing our strategy, we have clearly opted for a corporate philosophy that takes environmental issues into account. In each of our business sectors, we always seek partners who have this same commitment and who are developing “green” technologies that minimize the impact on the environment.

Accordingly, in the airport sector we have TLD and its TLD Green equipment line, which consists of 7 families of electrical and low emission equipment. We also have hybrid buses from the Polish manufacturer Solaris. They have three models with three distinct capacities beeing able to fit any customers demand.

In the railway sector, Zephir has developed 7 distinct models of electric two-way terminal traction engines with pulling capacities of up to 2000 tons and a drawbar pull of 100 KN.

Lastly, we have Mantsinen and Konecranes as partners in the port sector. The Mantsinen Hybrilift system consumes as much as 40% less power, and fuel efficient or hybrid internal combustion-electric systems can be installed on Konecranes equipment.