|| 30 Mar
At Air Rail we want to address an encouragement message to all our customers and suppliers in the difficult situation we are all facing. The most important thing now is to be healthy and fight together this common enemy.
We inform you that we continue to work together with all the involved actors in the operations, always taking the security measures recommended by the authorities, without jeopardizing the health of our co-workers who do a magnificent job so that everything keeps working.
In the same way, and as we have always being a client-oriented company, we stand by them and continue to offer all of our services (with some existing limitations), with the flexibility, commitment and leadership that characterizes us.
Our suppliers support us, and are as well taking all the necessary measures to guarantee the supply, always with health as the first premise.
We hope this situation to end soon.
AIR RAIL. We make it possible.
|| 16 Jul

Air Rail team has been in Modena celebrating Zephir's 50th anniversary, we´d like to thank their hospitality and kindness

We've been working together for 27 years, we congratulate Zephir for these 50 years of success!

We are leaders in the Spanish locotractor market, with +200 equipment introduced since 1992.

|| 11 Jul

Air Rail, official partner of Shell Spain for lubricants supplying in the railways industry.

|| 22 Jun

Our Yutong electric airport buses are the protagonists of the cover of June 2019 issue of the prestigious magazine Ground Handling International. In their cover story they detail the deployment of the first GSE of this type operating in Spain, at Seville Airport, put in service by Aviapartner with the indispensable cooperation of Aena. This milestone is a big step forward in our commitment to support our clients' efforts to transform their fleets to make them sustainable and reduce their CO2 emissions and carbon footprint, while also lowering their operational costs.

Air Rail. We make it possible.

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