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We offer all types of machinery maintenance contracts.

About Maintenance Contracts

We offer all types of machinery maintenance contracts, depending on the needs of our customers (preventive, corrective, predictive, full service, 24h service, etc.). We are specialists in maintenance and our numbers back us up. We have been maintaining our machines and those of our customers for more than 25 years. We maintain a fleet of more than 2000 airport and railway machines based on these five fundamental principles:

  • AIR-RAIL is an expert and committed maintainer. This is evidenced in the industry by the long experience accumulated and the performance values achieved.
  • AIR-RAIL is absolutely flexible and adapts to customer needs, always providing highly qualified personnel.
  • AIR-RAIL has a large team of maintenance technicians specially trained by our manufacturers.
  • AIR-RAIL knows and masters the most innovative maintenance and optimization techniques, implementing them in the maintenance it performs.
  • AIR-RAIL also has a great industrial capacity, with the direct support of the main manufacturers in each sector.

At Air-Rail we are used to working with large corporations in the maintenance of self-propelled machinery. That is why we are accustomed to the realization of all those activities complementary to the maintenance itself, but necessary for the proper management of a fleet such as:

- Technical reports.

- Technical meetings.

- Analysis of compliance with SLA's (Service Level Agreement)

- Analysis of operating data.

- Previous assessments.

- On-site monitoring of actions.

- Technical or documentary audits.

Our team uses the most innovative tools in the industry for proper maintenance management of your fleet. We have a CMMS (computer-aided maintenance management software) with the highest capabilities to control all maintenance processes and our technicians have cell phones and tablets for immediate completion of the digital maintenance report.

We have several approvals, authorizations and certifications that speak for themselves of the robustness of our maintenance system. We can highlight the following:

    • AIR-RAIL is a company certified as an Entity in Charge of Railway Maintenance according to the implementing regulation 779/2019, joining the select group of Spanish companies certified in the four functions of this regulation.
    • AIR-RAIL is a company approved by the Ministry of Public Works as a maintenance center according to OM FOM 233/2006.
    • AIR-RAIL is a company authorized by ADIF to perform safety interventions on auxiliary rolling stock.
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Maintenance Contracts

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